Dazzle with sound & shape; colour plus vision

Bringing out the Wildside

Should be banned, taps into everyone's Wildside


Essential viewing courtesy of Ken L

  The idlewild education team were out in force last night at the Oxfordshire Apprentice event held at Witney Lakes Golf Club. The team headed...

Salon International 2016

So inspiring to see so many of the idlewild team visit the UK’s biggest international hair trade fair on Monday at London’s Excel in Docklands,...

Ann Herman Happy B’day

Such an honour to be celebrating hair industry legend Ann Herman's 90th, still sorting the profession

Dream Machines

Spotted these immaculate vintage scooters today, marvelous machines! Inspirational shape & form, owned and ridden by individuals just like us who take incredible pride in...

Essential Colour

Essential colouring-in, scarlett hued felt tips only!

Argentina & Uruguay

idlewild colouring Director Mark Creed can currently be found in deepest South America where he’s headlining the Argentina and Uruguay Colour Congress 2016 with a...


Keeping this low key until we have the salon all rebranded and idlewilded-up but we’re so excited to announce that we have acquired another salon....

Good To Smile

It's always good to raise a smile…….

Good days

It's always a better one with an appointment for hair

Study finds 9 faces

We focus hard to see things that bring out your best.


Love the sunshine but don’t forget to protect your perfect hair from the damaging UV rays, Kerastase’s Soleil range is the perfect solution


This stuff works miracles and we've got it in the idlewild salons

Laser Precision

More of the idlewild’s art team cutting work as featured in recent consumer magazine. Seriously sharp, ultra precise lines

Get Comfy

We like to keep things fresh and at the same time keep you as comfortable as possible so with that in mind we’ve just refurbished...

wildside walking

This is the area of our site where we post all of the things that inspire, motivate and delight us in helping to create incredible...

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