Fringe Benefits

We love a strong bang-on-trend fringe

Concept Hair

Always great to see publications grace their front covers with our super talented team members. Here's Millie taking front spot on Concept Hair!

A Bruce

Valentine’s inspiration starts right opposite our Woodstock Road, Oxford salon with the ultra-beautiful Milagritos Hearts exhibition at the Carey Blythe space by Antonia Bruce. Call...

Marston WI

A great evening was enjoyed at the WI Marston who listened to Andrew Hall's fascinating talk 'The History of Hair', he also explained the current...

Sit & Chat

Right outside our Abingdon salon, This is a wonderful thing.

Xmas Break

All idlewild salons are closed for the Xmas break to give our talented teams some time with family to rest & relax, we'll be re-opening...

Oxford Half

Amazing acheivement in completing the Oxford Half Marathon! We're in awe of Fran & Evie who smashed the distance and raised lots of much needed...

British Hairdressing Awards 2019

Always an honour to have our Colour Director Mark Creed as an invited judge to preside in the British Hairdressing Awards 2019

Music To Our Ears

We need this right now or book in for great hair and let's talk holidays!

Bicester refurb happening now! Includes new mirrors etc etc all with the help of Les (reluctantly pictured here) salon open as normal as we're doing...

August Bank Hol

Just a heads-up.....all idlewild salons will be closed for the bank holiday weekend + 1 day,  salons will re-open on Wednesday 28th August for beautiful...

C’mon Banksy

Graffiti on the side of our Woodstock Road, not exactly Banksy!

Swan Upping

It’s so great to be based in Abingdon on Thames where the annual Swan upping (Google it!!) culminates on the Thames by order of the...

Tour de Bicester

Get on your bike & get registered for this great event!

Kirtlington WI

Andrew had the delight of giving a ‘history of hair’ talk to the WI Kirtlington. Here he is discussing his lack of tie!

Art by David & Salli Pelling

A must-see exhibition that presents David Pelling’s latest eclectic collection of work alongside his super talented wife (Salli) who will be exhibiting her recent fine embroideries....

Relaxing In The Garden

Bicester salon has a private enclosed garden, perfect in this weather for relaxing with a fab coffee whilst your colour processe

Spotify Turned Off

  So good to throw open the idlewild doors in the Abingdon salon & hear some brilliant vocals from this young singer, summers here!

Jeff Koons

A must-see exhibition by Jeff Koons, 2 mins from our Oxford city, Woodstock Road salonJeff Koons

History Of Hair

A great night was enjoyed by all as the idlewild team delivered one of their ‘hair history talks’ to the fine Horton Cum Studley WI...

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