We’re Listening

Just a thought, when we reopen!!! In the meantime enjoy our Instagram #idlewildhairdressing
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New Growth

During lockdown 3 we’re continuing to upgrade and refresh the salons where we can; recycled and reused shampoo bottles make the perfect planters for our...
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What 3 Words

If you haven't tried this APP then download it and try it. Here's our salons 3 words. Great for finding your way to incredible hair!...
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What To Do On Lockdown 2

As requested by the Hairdressers Journal!!! Keep it up for me.keey uppy - Small
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Mind Change

So difficult when the Government keeps changing their  minds on when the lockdown ends, trying our best. The National Hair Federation seem...
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Team Talent Spotting

We're on the lookout for Colourists (Technicians) & Cutters (Stylists). Great lifestyle, fab pay & space to really realise your future creativity. Drop Sam an...
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Let’s Keep It Safe

No time for complacencies, just a reminder to do all what we now do as standard and please bring a mask with you to your...
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Beautiful installation of this amazing raw elm desk top in our Witney salon in readiness for our new PC and ONLINE BOOKING system!
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The 3 Of Us

Before and after 18 years of the conception of Philosophy/idlewild
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Another Piece

Another few pieces of the Covid safety protocol are put into place along with our PAT testing. Safety is our first call.
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Keep Charging

It's global yet some keep charging whilst we're not using their services. We couldn't sleep.
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We had a comments re. punctuation on our last post (One Day It'll Be Normal). We used the Oxford comma rule. Oxford comma. noun. 1.a comma...
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Please Wait For Us

We're counting down the days too until we can legally throw open the doors and get to your hair!
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Some Companies

It's been an true eye opener to see which of our suppliers & providers carry on invoicing and making charges to us as a small...
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Even idlewild Director Andrew Hall is getting desperate for a haircut or maybe he's eyeing up a gameshow to host with such bad hair! We'll...
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5th May

6th May 1954 Roger Bannister ran the first ever sub-4 minute mile in OXFORD. Today OXFORD leads the way in vaccine research for COVID 19....
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