All idlewild salons are now closed due to the  UK Gov. lockdown. It's a bit too soon to start taking bookings for the potential reopen date of 12th April but it's what we're working towards.We’ve temporarily switched off our online booking until we’re given the 100% postive go-ahead date to reopen the salons. As soon as we get that info we’ll be making contact with everyone who’ve had to have their appointment cancelled and try to get you rebooked asap.  Thereafter we’ll be getting our online booking switched back on and reception teams taking calls + making in-person bookings. We’ll be announcing the info & date both here on our website & also on our Instagram page.#idlewildhairdressing 

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

We use telephone, Instagram & in-person to communicate our messages and cannot respond to every message we receive via other communication platforms such as Facebook, Google etc. We'd love to but I'm afraid as a small business we simply don’t always have the time for multiple platform responses